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Designs are customized and affordable. All subjects are researched with references provided. We maintain a high standard of excellence. Sandra Frank, Ed.D, RD, LDN

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Food Journalist and Researcher
An expert in nutrient analysis1, food science and working with Editors, Writers and Chefs for over 20 years; flexible and deadline conscious. Current and Previous Clients include:
Bon Appétit, Sun-Sentinel, Atlanta Constitution, Detroit Freepress, Fort Worth Star.
In addition, my work has appeared on local and national networks, shows and publications, such as Good Morning America, ABC, CBS, NBC, Today Show, Dr. Oz, The View, and Time Magazine.


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1Nutrition Analysis.

An expert in nutrient analysis, food science and working with Editors, Writers and Chefs for over 20 years. I am flexible and deadline conscious.

1985. The first Registered Dietitian to evaluate nutritional analysis software and their applications and limitations. This was part of my doctoral studies.

1989. The first Registered Dietitian to be hired by a food section of a national newspaper to provide nutritional analysis. By 1994, I was analyzing the recipes of newspapers across the country and a magazine called, Bon Appétit.

1996, John Wiley published, “Menu Solutions”, a unique recipe book I co-authored. Menu Solutions is currently used in universities to teach therapeutic cooking.

Developed Extensive Databases

a. Over 50,000 foods from all over the world and the USDA Food and Nutrient database is included. The database is updated twice a year and as new foods become available. 62 nutrients are defined and the software not only analyzes recipes, but is used in research.

b. An essential tool for nutrient analysis is food conversions and equivalent tables. This database provides information on AP (as purchased), EP (edible portion), waste, marinating, straining, percentage of bones; difference between a raw or cooked weight; comparison of weights versus measures. Most nutrient analysis software programs do not provide this information, therefore it must be calculated manually using formulas. Over the last 20 years, I have collected over 10,000 formulas, many hand tested. With this information, publications are in a better position to receive accurate analysis. Part of this list is included in a book I wrote called “Menu Solutions” (Publisher: John Wiley and Sons).

Example. A recipe calls for 1-1/2 pound lobster with the shell on. How much meat will I analyze in ounces and cups? This cannot be found in a nutrient analysis software.
Answer. 1-1/2 lb lobster with shell yields 1-1/3 cup lobster (or 5.1 ounces)

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